PORTARGENTARIO is an initiative of collaboration between the Tuscany Regional Port Authority and the Municipality of Monte Argentario, each for the respective competences and attributions over the ports of Porto S. Stefano and Porto Ercole.

The common objective is to give a contribution to the local economy with an initiative to promote cruise ship tourism, creating a stable collaboration between public and private actors. PORTARGENTARIO actively proposes the region of Tuscan Maremma and Argentario in the international market of small and medium cruise ships, with the organisation of and participation in events in the sector.

Porto S. Stefano and Porto Ercole have already been welcoming cruise ships and superyachts, and thanks to their location, with one port protected from north winds and the other from south winds, the two ports guarantee a safe call with any weather condition. Monte Argentario is also geographically the fastest and most direct access from the sea to Maremma and the city of Siena. Commercial and touristic operators on the territory support the initiative to work together on a common strategy to create a virtuous circle for the local economy. PORTARGENTARIO will deliver to ships and passengers a structured proposal for various kinds of touristic activities in the area.

It is in the strongest interest for PORTARGENTARIO to work in the system of the Tuscan ports, following the touristic and maritime orientation strategy of the region. The Region of Tuscany confirmed that Porto S. Stefano will be among the ports selected for regional interest, while the Municipality of Siena has confirmed its interest in the promotion of the idea of “Maremma – Port of Siena”.

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